Investment Advisory Committee

The Investment Advisory Committee (IAC) was created to consult and advise the ERS Board of Trustees on investments and investment related issues. Generally, the IAC meets quarterly, on the same day as each Board meeting, to consider investment-related issues in depth.


Mr. Gene L. Needles Jr., chair
Chairman and CEO Resolute Investment Managers
220 E. Las Colinas Blvd., Suite 1200
Irving, TX 75039
Term expires May 31, 2023

Ms. Laurie L. Dotter, vice-chair
3615 West Lauther Drive
Dallas, TX 75214
Term expires May 31, 2022

Mr. Robert G. Alley, CFA
730 Honor Drive
Kerrville, TX 78028
Term expires August 31, 2024

Ms. Caroline Cooley
Chief Investment Officer - Diversified Funds
Crestline Investors, Inc.
201 Main St, Suite 1900
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Term expires December 31, 2022

Mr. James R. Hille, CFA, CAIA
Chief Investment Officer
Texas Christian University Endowment
TCU Box 297055
Fort Worth, TX 76129
Term expires August 31, 2023

Mr. Ken D. Mindell
Senior Vice President and Treasurer
Rosewood Management Corporation
2101 Cedar Springs Road, Suite 1600
Dallas, TX 75201
Term expires May 31, 2022

Mr. Milton Hixson, CPA, CFP
FMP Wealth Advisors, CEO
6034 W. Courtyard Drive, Suite 380
Austin, TX 78730
Term expires: March 31, 2023