Investments Division

ERS provides retirement benefits for state employees and elected officials (ERS Retirement Trust Fund), law enforcement and custodial officers (LECOSRF), and judges (JRS 1 and 2). They are designed to provide a stable retirement benefit, the majority of which is paid from investment earnings at a low cost to the state.


The mission of the Investments Division is to:

  • Earn a return that will ensure the payments due to members of the retirement plans and their beneficiaries;
  • Manage fund assets for the exclusive benefit of plan members;
  • Assist the trustees to develop prudent investment policies defining investment objectives and strategies;
  • Seek to maximize investment return while maintaining acceptable levels of risk;
  • Reduce risk through diversification; and
  • Efficiently manage the costs associated with the implementation of the investment program.

Day-to-day investment decisions are managed by ERS' professional investment staff within the policies, procedures, and risk management guidelines set by the ERS Board of Trustees.

View the ERS Investment Policy, which applies to the funds of the retirement plans (Fund) administered by the Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS).