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Who is eligible for GBP insurance benefits?

Choosing benefits for Active Employees

As a State of Texas Employee, you earn valuable benefits.

Health Benefits

ERS’ health plans can help you and your family live a more healthy and financially secure life.

Retirement Contributions
and Planning

You and the state invest throughout your career for a stable lifetime benefit when you retire.

Optional Add-on Benefits

Optional benefits provide additional security and savings.

New Employee

Need to enroll in a new benefit program or change coverage? Don’t miss Summer Enrollment.

Life Changes

You can change many of your benefits as your life changes. Learn more about updating your coverage options after marriage, a new child and other life events..

Rates and Forms

Employee News


Having your flexible spending account (FSA) funds deducted directly from your paycheck makes saving so much easier. However, it can also be easy to lose track of how much you’ve set aside and how much you’ve spent. Take time to see just how much you’ve set aside—and how much you’ve spent.


If you’ve been thinking about joining a gym or fitness center, this month is a perfect time to follow through on that plan. In March, HealthSelect of TexasSM participants can join the Fitness Program without paying the enrollment fee.


Whether you’re starting your day or work week off with healthy meals or preparing for a business trip or sporting event, choosing foods wisely and planning ahead make a difference.


Life is full of uncertainties, except for death, taxes—and the rising cost of getting a college degree! If you have children or grandchildren who are college bound, you can pay for tomorrow’s tuition at today’s prices.


Looking to quit using tobacco? Quitting benefits your health and can save you money. Try any of the following resources to make 2018 the year you kick the habit.

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