Be in the know!

Be in the know!

February 6, 2019

a group shot of people of different ages and races

One in every 53 Texans: that’s how many people get health insurance through the Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP). 

Here’s another fact from the Fiscal Year 2018 ERS at a Glance: The ERS Retirement Trust Fund netted $2.6 billion in investment earnings and the total value of the Fund’s investment portfolio increased to $29 billion, as of August 31, 2018.

Additionally in PY18:

  • The HealthSelect provider network grew and the plan offered several benefit enhancements, such as $0 copay for medical virtual visits.
  •  Health plan premiums increased by less than half of 1%— without a reduction in benefits.
  • ERS is moving forward with construction plans for an office building at 200 E. 18th Street in Austin. Most of the office space will be leased to private tenants, bringing a new source of revenue to the Trust Fund.
Follow this link to review ERS at a Glance or other reports on ERS operations and financial management.