Changes in your October paycheck

Changes in your October paycheck

September 5, 2018

Remember the email or letter you got that confirmed your benefit elections? Hang on to it. Your changes were effective September 1, but your paycheck won't reflect those changes until October. 

Premiums and Summer Enrollment elections may cause slight changes in your check. You’ll want to compare your October paycheck to your confirmation email/letter and make sure any new benefits deductions reflect what you requested.

Note: An earlier version of this article stated that your retirement contribution may cause a slight change in the amount of your take-home pay. We wanted to clarify that this does NOT mean that the State of Texas has increased the percentage that you contribute to your retirement account. Your contribution percentage is still the same, at 9.5%.

If you had a salary increase that took effect on September 1, it will affect the amount of your retirement contribution. For example, if you made $3,000 in August and got a pay increase to $3,500 in September, your 9.5% would now be calculated using the higher $3,500 salary. So, instead of a $285 retirement contribution per month, your contribution would be roughly $332.