Delta Dental is the new dental benefits administrator

Delta Dental is the new dental benefits administrator

September 4, 2019
Picture of a woman getting her teeth cleaned.If you enrolled or continued coverage in the State of Texas Dental Choice PlanSM PPO or the DeltaCare USA DHMO plan, you should have gotten a welcome letter from Delta Dental last month. The letters included:
  • your member ID number,
  • information about how to find an in-network dentist and
  • instructions to register for an online account.
One thing it didn’t include is a member ID card, and participating Delta Dental dentists should not require them.
If you do want a card, you can:
  • Register for a Delta Dental online account (after your coverage starts) to print an ID card.
  • Use the Delta Dental Mobile app to download one to your smartphone. (Dependents will not have access to the Delta Dental app
Only your name (employee) will be listed on the card. The names of any dependents on your plan will not be listed on your ID card.

Be sure to shred your old HumanaDental ID cards. Also, remember to let your dentist know that your new dental insurance is through Delta Dental. 

If you need to find an in-network dentist, use the provider search tool at If your dentist is not part of the network, you can submit a provider nomination form to request that Delta Dental contact him or her about joining the network.

Please note that the dedicated HumanaDental website will be up for a few months, if you have continuing claims issues from before September 1, 2019. The HumanaDental site will no longer be available starting January 1, 2020.‚Äč

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Take time to also review Delta Dental's wellness resources, which include a free dental health e-magazine for each season.

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