Resolve to get healthier this year–and leave dieting behind

Resolve to get healthier this year–and leave dieting behind

January 8, 2020
basket of vegetablesThe new year is here and if you’re like many people, you made a resolution on January 1 to get healthy and fit. Surveys show that the most common New Year’s resolutions are about eating better and getting more exercise. Fortunately, your ERS health plan can help.

If you are a participant in the HealthSelectSM plans (not including HealthSelect Medicare Advantage) or the Scott and White Health Plan (SWHP), you can take advantage of an online weight management program to help you improve your eating and fitness habits. If you meet the program’s eligibility requirements, you can participate in the program at no cost to yourself.

Take a look at what’s available under your plan:

HealthSelect plans

Under HealthSelect, you can apply to join one of two weight management programs: either Naturally Slim or Real Appeal. You can participate in one of the programs at a time–at no cost to yourself–if you meet the eligibility requirements below.

You are eligible if you are:
  • an employee, retiree or covered dependent enrolled in a HealthSelect plan,
  • 18 or older and
  • have a BMI of 23 or higher.
You must choose one program or the other:
  • Naturally Slim  is an online program that teaches you mindful eating techniques and healthy habits at your own pace. The program’s online coaches are your support system and help you learn how to pay attention to the appetite signals your body sends you. No foods are off limits!
  • Real Appeal is an online weight management program that has personal transformation coaches who help you get healthy and fit through weekly online group classes, tracking apps, and nutritional and fitness guides. You get a success kit to kick-start your weight loss that includes exercise DVDs and food guides–so you don’t have to give up your favorite foods.  

Scott and White Health Plan (SWHP)

Under SWHP, you can apply to join the Naturally Slim weight management program to help you improve your health. Naturally Slim helps you change how you eat instead of what you eat. SWHP will cover the full cost of participating in Naturally Slim for enrolled employees, spouses and covered dependents over age 18. You must apply during a designated application period and have your SWHP member ID card in order to apply.
ImportantSWHP participants' Naturally Slim application deadline is approaching fast! The program’s next application period runs Monday, January 13, 2019 - Friday, January 24, 2019, so mark your calendar and have your member ID card ready!  

Community First Health Plans (Community First)

Community First facilitates health education services through community-based classes and educational materials. The following nutrition education classes are available to members:
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Weight loss/Youth obesity
  • Changing your diet to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol

All ERS health plans

All of the health plans offered through the Texas Employees Group Benefits Program provide tools that allow you to access an online health risk assessment (HRA) at no cost to you. A health risk assessment (HRA) can quickly show if you are at risk for things like heart attack, diabetes and stroke. After you finish answering the questions in the online HRA, you’ll get a personal action plan to help you address any health risks your HRA has identified. Completing an HRA and putting the recommended action plan in motion is an important step on the path to a stronger, healthier you.