Use the right card—and stay in the network

Use the right card—and stay in the network

October 3, 2018

Which card you need to use—health plan or prescription drug plan—depends on where you get your shot.

At the pharmacy: If you get your flu shot (or any covered vaccine) at the pharmacy, use your prescription card. OptumRx®, the prescription drug benefits manager for HealthSelectSM of Texas prescription drug program and Consumer Directed HealthSelectSM prescription drug program, works with many national pharmacy chains to provide members with easy access to flu shots. Regular flu vaccines are covered at 100% when you use participating retail pharmacies.

For a list of network pharmacies:

  1. Go to,
  2. Click on "Find a network pharmacy",
  3. Click on "Filters and advanced search" and
  4. Check "Vaccines/immunizations" from the drop down list.
For more information, go to and scroll down until you see Education information . Click that, and you'll see Flu Awareness & Prevention. If you have questions, call OptumRx toll free at (855) 828-9834 (TTY 711).

At your doctor’s office: If you get your flu shot (or any covered vaccine) at your doctor’s office, use your health plan card.  

At a clinic: If you get any covered vaccine at a clinic, use your health plan card. This includes a retail health clinic within the pharmacy, such as MinuteClinic at CVS, RediClinic at HEB or one of the health clinics at Walmart.  

At work: If you plan to get a shot at work, ask your benefits coordinator or HR department if the company giving the vaccine is in your health plan’s network and which card you should use. If the flu shot provider is not in your plan’s network, ask how much you will have to pay for the shot. You might want to skip the shot at work and instead go to your doctor or a clinic. Show both cards if you’re not sure which to use. Remember, the shot is free to you only when you go to an in-network provider. If you go out of network, you’ll have to pay at least some of the cost out of pocket. 

Wherever you decide to go, be sure to get that flu shot as soon as it is available. Get protected before peak season hits.