Virtual visits are more popular than ever

Virtual visits are more popular than ever

March 6, 2019

HealthSelect participants who use virtual visits really appreciate the benefit—and the satisfaction rates show it. The two virtual visit providers get high marks: Doctor On Demand® and has earned 4.9 out of five stars, and 93.1% of participants report being satisfied with MDLIVE®.

How to make a virtual visit

1.  Decide which provider you want to use. You have the same benefit with two virtual visit providers: Doctor On Demand and MDLIVE

2.  Go online to Doctor On Demand or MDLIVE, or download their apps from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

3.  Have your HealthSelect of Texas or Consumer Directed HealthSelect ID card handy to set up your account. 

4.  When you are ready, request a virtual visit. For medical care, you can consult with a board-certified doctor within a few minutes or at a time in the future that’s more convenient for you.

5.  For mental health care, you may schedule a virtual visit with a therapist or psychiatrist of your choice at a time that’s convenient for you.

When you need it most, virtual visits can get you care fast. Consider this HealthSelect of Texas member’s experience:

     I was getting sick, but I didn’t want to take excused sick leave. I decided to make a virtual visit.

     I chose Doctor on Demand and picked a time most convenient for me. The service sent me reminder emails so I wouldn’t miss my appointment. It’s convenient and there’s no copay!

     Privacy isn’t an issue: you can call on your cell phone from your car or in a break area outside the building.

     What a great tool for us to have at our disposal. Not only is it convenient and free to us, it’s very easy to look up your patient notes and keep track of what you’ve been prescribed.

As this story shows, virtual visits can be a great option—whether it’s because you don’t want to leave your office to get a minor issue taken care of or drag a cranky child out of her sickbed, or just want to save a little money on an office visit. Virtual visits are also available for mental health care at the same benefit level as an office visit (a $25 copay for HealthSelect of Texas participants).

Follow this link for more information on virtual visits.