Are you “Well Aware”?

February 3, 2018

ERS launches a new series to help bring awareness and education

Learning more about the health and wellness issues we face in today’s world is important. It’s also important to know what treatments are available for our illness or disease. While education is important, we still need to make decisions and take action to get the necessary treatment to help us live healthier lives. That’s why understanding our ERS benefits and how they may help pay for needed treatment is also very important.

To help bring more awareness and education to our members, we recently launched a new “Well Aware” series of articles in our active employee newsletter, News About Your Benefits. Last month we highlighted glaucoma awareness, cervical health & women's wellness, weight management. One of the topics for this month is mental health awareness. Do you know that one in six adults lives with mental illness, but only 40% got the treatment they needed last year? Did you know that ERS health plans offer mental health benefits?

Take a sneak peek at the mental health awareness article and consider including it in your employee newsletters.