Name change for dependent eligibility administrator: Alight Solutions

February 3, 2018
Alight Solutions

Updates to websites and other materials are in progress

For several years, Aon Hewitt has managed dependent eligibility verifications for ERS. Recently, Aon Hewitt was purchased by another company and its name changed to Alight Solutions (Alight). If your employees recently added a dependent to their health coverage or if they add a dependent in the future, communications will come from Alight. Contact information and the online portal will not change. Any correspondence from Alight should mention ERS and might include the ERS logo.

Processes and policies are the same

The same staff who worked at the company when it was known as Aon Hewitt work at Alight Solutions. This change should not have a noticeable effect to employees who are currently involved in the process of verifying a dependent’s eligibility for coverage or have completed dependent eligibility verification.

Updates to materials

ERS and Alight are updating the websites and other materials with the new name as quickly as possible, but you and your employees may continue to see some references to Aon Hewitt as the dependent verification administrator until these changes are completed.


If you have questions, please contact TIPP Customer Care at Alight Solutions toll-free at (800) 987-6605 (TTY: 711).