Now available! Recording of January “Ask ERS for BCs”

February 16, 2018

At the January Ask ERS for BCs webinar, we spent the first fifteen minutes answering questions from both state and higher education benefits coordinators. We spent the reminder of our time discussing insurance and retirement eligibility for employees of higher education institutions. Log into the BCCG and click on Training tab to find the recording of the webinar. 

Important information about these webinars

The “Ask ERS for BCs” webinars provide a way for benefits coordinators to learn about ERS programs and discuss processing, eligibility and enrollment information with BCASSIST. It’s important to know that we will not discuss a participant’s experience with a plan administrator or their claims information. As a reminder, benefits coordinators should not have access to employee personal health information (PHI) per HIPAA guidelines. For more information on HIPPA, please review Section 5.3 of Chapter 5 – Other Programs of the Benefits Coordinator Reference Manual. If your employees have questions about their claims or other benefits, they should contact their health plan administrator directly. If they do not receive the needed assistance from the benefit plan, the employee can contact ERS  to report a problem.
In addition, if your employees have comments or questions about a plan’s provider network, including comments about doctors or facilities leaving or joining the network, they should contact the plan administrator. ERS is not directly a part of the contract negotiations between the plan administrator and the providers. 

Would you like to learn about a specific ERS program or process in the next webinar? 

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