Proposed changes to ERS rules to be presented at March 7 Board meeting

February 3, 2018

Rules, statutes and other regulations relating to ERS are posted on our Statutes and Rules webpage. Proposed amendments to ERS rules are published throughout the year in the Texas Register for public comment. (Approved amendments are posted in the Texas Register after they’re adopted.) Proposed amendments related to the following were published in the January 19, 2018 edition of the Texas Register and are expected to be presented at the March 7 ERS Board of Trustees meeting. The comment period ends February 19, 2018.

  • Chapters 71, 73 and 77: Rules related to purchasing service in ERS’ retirement plan, including changes due to adjustments in the factor tables.
  • Chapter 81:
    • Clarification of how optional term life insurance and disability income limitations are determined for non-salaried elected and appointed officials and members of the Texas Legislature.
    • Rule to allow members to apply the Health Insurance Opt-Out Credit toward State of Texas Vision premiums.
    • Clarification that State of Texas Vision is a self-funded plan, and of its grievance procedures.