Retiree Newsletter

Your ERS Connection Retiree Newsletter

December 2019 Your ERS Connection

PDF Version - Winter 2019

 Topics include:
  • Be prepared at tax time
  • Understanding medical screenings for older adults
  • Message from the Executive Director: Resolving to support your health
  • New year, new deductible
  • Staying in Motion: 96-year-old retiree shows staying active has no age limit
  • You should see this: Set your sights on healthy eyes 
  • Traveling for the holidays? Pack these essentials
  • Save on holiday shopping with the Discount Purchase Program
  • Missed the Staying Connected retiree fair? View the presentations

September 2019 Your ERS Connection

PDF Version - Fall 2019

 Topics include:
  • Fall Enrollment begins October 28
  • Brian Barth elected to ERS Board
  • Message from the Executive Director: 2019 Texas Legislature brings positive momentum
  • Dental discount plans offered through Discount Purchase Program
  • It’s time for a flu shot
  • Texas Talks: Annual campaign helps ease discussions about aging
  • Staying in Motion: Kicking the tobacco habit
  • News from the 86th Legislature
  • Texa$aver fees reduced
  • 2019 annuity payment dates
  • Save money this fall: Discount Purchase Program
  • Staying Connected: Upcoming ERS events

June 2019 Your ERS Connection

PDF Version - Summer 2019

Topics include:
  • Have no fear, Summer Enrollment is here!
  • Age Well Live Well
  • Executive Director’s Corner
  • Annuity payment dates
  • Staying in Motion: Don’t sideline your workout this summer, take it inside
  • New administrator for Dental PPO, new DHMO for Plan Year 2020
  • ERS Board update
  • Staying Connected fairs
  • Is that really you, ERS?
  • Focus on retirement funding in 86th Texas Legislature
  • Statutes and Rules
  • Texa$aver Program administrative fee change
  • Discount Purchase Program
  • ERS events

March 2019 Your ERS Connection

PDF Version - Spring 2019

Topics include:
  • Texercise
  • Pneumococcal disease prevention
  • Executive Director’s Corner
  • Form 1099-R
  • Staying in Motion: Staying well in service to others
  • Who will be our next trustee? 
  • ERS Board update
  • Losing teeth is no laughing matter
  • Annuity payment dates
  • Discount Purchase Program

December 2018 Your ERS Connection

PDF Version - Winter 2018

Topics include:
  • Be careful about giving out your financial information
  • Executive Director's Corner 
  • Changes to ERS Rules
  • Staying in Motion: Wellness: Gratitude and your health
  • Mental health virtual visits
  • Some deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums start over in January
  • When a stranger calls...
  • End-of-the-year reminders: Form 1099-R and Form 1095-B
  • What is a drug formulary
  • Discount Purchase Program 
  • ERS annuity payments

September 2018 Your ERS Connection

PDF Version - Fall 2018

Topics include:
  • Fall Enrollment is around the corner
  • Add a new toothbrush to your cleaning list
  • Introducing Lacy Wolff, ERS' new health promotion administrator
  • Staying in Motion: Wellness tip - breathing techniques
  • Protecting yourself from shingles: Here's what you need to know about the new vaccine
  • The bugs are biting: Protect yourself and family members from mosquito-borne illnesses
  • ERS annuity payments
  • Discount Purchase Program

June 2018 Your ERS Connection

PDF Version - Summer 2018 

Topics include:

  • Need to make changes to your benefits? Summer Enrollment is almost here
  • Reminder: Be on the lookout for your new Medicare card
  • Staying in Motion: Department of Family and Protective Services Volunteer Team 
  • Executive Director's Corner: New Group Benefits Advisory Committee to advise ERS Board
  • Introducing your Group Benefits Advisory Committee (GBAC)
  • Attention grandparents! Prepaid college tuition is a great gift for grandchildren
  • ERS annuity payment dates
  • Get social with ERS
  • Statutes and rules
  • Discount Purchase Program

March 2018 Your ERS Connection

PDF Version - Spring 2018 

Topics include:

  • Staying in Motion
  • Watch out for fraud
  • Executive Director's Corner
  • Quick and easy DIY projects to save green and go green
  • Board adopts rules for advisory committee
  • New Medicare Card
  • ERS annuity payment dates
  • Name change for dependent verification: Alight Solutions
  • Already checked for unclaimed money? Check again!
  • Medicare Preparation Seminar

December 2017 Your ERS Connection

PDF Version - Winter 2017

Topics include:

  • Remember to look for your Form 1099-R in the mail by February 15
  • Retirees to receive federal Form 1095-B from health plan providers
  • Executive Director's Corner
  • Virtual visits: a convenient way to see a doctor
  • When do my medical and prescription drug deductibles restart? 
  • Annuity payment dates
  • Discount Purchase Program
  • Medicare Preparation Seminar
  • Moving?

September 2017 Your ERS Connection

PDF Version - Fall 2017

Topics include:

  • A conversation with incoming ERS Trustee Catherine A. Melvin
  • Fall Enrollment dates
  • Executive Director’s Corner
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas becomes HealthSelect plan administrator
  • A message from the State Employee Charitable Campaign
  • Website redesign and domain change
  • Higher HealthSelect costs for out-of-network freestanding ERs
  • Texa$aver Target Date Funds update
  • How do I prepare for Medicare?
  • Annuity payment dates
  • Discount Purchase Program

May 2017 Your ERS Connection

PDF Version - Summer 2017

Topics include:

  • Catherine A. Melvin elected to ERS Board of Trustees
  • 2017 Summer Enrollment for retirees not enrolled in Medicare
  • Executive Director’s Corner
  • Changes on the horizon
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas to become new health plan administrator
  • 2017 Staying Connected fairs
  • Annuity payment dates
  • Moving?
  • Discount Purchase Program

March 2017 Your ERS Connection

PDF Version - Spring 2017

Topics include:

  • Vote by April 14 in the ERS Board of Trustees election
  • Executive Director’s Corner
  • New ERS website design and address
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas to become HealthSelectSM plan administrator
  • Special invitation to DPS retirees
  • This tax season, found money is good money
  • Medicare Preparation seminar
  • Moving?
  • Discount Purchase Program

December 2016 Your ERS Connection

PDF Version - Winter 2016

Topics include:

  • New administrators for prescription drug programs
  • What your survivors need to know
  • Executive Director's Corner
  • Wellness programs for retirees
  • End-of-the-year reminders
  • When your deductible starts over
  • Coming Soon...2017 ERS Board of Trustees nominations and election!
  • Winter Connection crossword puzzle

September 2016 Your ERS Connection

PDF Version - Fall 2016

Topics include:

  • Annual Fall Enrollment 2016 for Medicare–eligible retirees
  • Nearing Medicare eligibility? Here are a few things you need to know
  • Executive Director’s Corner
  • Rising health costs and your premiums
  • Sign up for State of Texas Vision
  • UnitedHealthcare to manage HealthSelectSM Medicare Rx plan
  • Preparing for your future with Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Discount Purchase Program

June 2016 Your ERS Connection

PDF Version - Summer 2016

Topics include:

  • Summer Enrollment for retirees who are not eligible for Medicare, July 11-23
  • New programs and plan year changes
  • Announcing State of Texas Vision
  • Minnesota Life and Securian Financial Group – new brand, same benefits
  • Medicare-eligible retirees: Get ready for Fall Enrollment!
  • ERS selects new prescription plan administrator
  • Discount Purchase Program 

March 2016 Your ERS Connection

PDF Version - Spring 2016

Topics include:

  • What's new in 2016 
  • Highlights of the ERS Cost Management and Fraud Report FY15 
  • Executive Director's Corner - Spring 2016 
  • Change to EOB letters for non-Medicare eligible retirees
  • Annuity Payment Dates 
  • 1099-R Information 
  • IRS warns: Don't be a victim of tax scams
  • Needs documents from ERS?

December 2015 Your ERS Connection

PDF Version - Winter 2015

Topics include:

  • HealthSelect of Texas deductibles start over on January 1
  • Find Your Money
  • Trust Fund Update
  • Executive Director's Corner-December 2015
  • Retirees to receive new federal Form 1095-B
  • Look for your 1099-R form in the mail
  • Moving?
  • Humana-Aetna Merger
  • New medical codes
  • Public invited to provide input on ERS
  • Discount Purchase Program

September 2015 Your ERS Connection

PDF Version - Fall 2015

Topics include:

  • Fall Enrollment 2015 for Medicare-eligible retirees in November
  • Executive Director column - Fall 2015
  • Summer Question of the Quarter Results
  • My State of Texas benefits story: Patricia Falbo
  • Medicare-eligible retirees happy with HealthSelect Medicare Advantage
  • Monthly Annuity Payment Dates
  • Retiree discounts