Losing teeth is no laughing matter

Losing teeth is no laughing matter

March 11, 2019

Did you know only about one-quarter of seniors have their original teeth?

Article provided by the State of Texas Dental Discount PlanSM  
Asian male brushing his teeth
Taking good care of your teeth is crucial, especially as you get older. A common issue many seniors face is gum disease,which contributes to tooth loss. This condition is serious and comes from the buildup of plaque infecting the teeth and gums. Gum disease can potentially lead to gingivitis, which in turn can lead to the loss of teeth. Symptoms of gum disease include swollen, red and tender gums.

The good news

Gum disease is treatable. Treatment includes professional cleaning, self-care and medications. Surgery may be required for some advanced cases.

Follow these useful tips to help keep your mouth healthy for years to come:
  • Brush and floss daily.
  • Schedule regular dental check-ups.
  • Don't use tobacco. Try to quit, or at least limit your tobacco use.
  • Snack on healthier foods and try to limit sugar intake. Always brush after snacking!

Get the most out of your dental benefits

Not enrolled in a dental plan? No problem. You can make benefits changes during the annual enrollment period.
  • Retirees not enrolled in Medicare can enroll during Summer Enrollment.
  • Retirees enrolled in Medicare can enroll during Fall Enrollment.
Note: Benefit changes for your dependents need to be made during the same enrollment period as you.

For more information about ERS’ dental coverage options and how they differ check out the Dental Comparison Chart or visit the Optional Add-on Benefits for Retirees page.