Support and Success with Real Appeal

August 10, 2017

Virginia L. Harwell started Real Appeal in May. Before that, she began a grant-funded weight loss and diabetes prevention pilot program. Since February, Mrs. Harwell has lost 30 pounds.

Mrs. Harwell is the Executive Assistant to the Medical Director at the Department of State Health Services Rio Grande State Center in Harlingen.

“The main reason I decided to start this program was the need to lose weight and control my blood sugar,” says Harwell. “Back in February, my A1C was at 6.9—now it is at 5.8”

She is extremely enthusiastic about Real Appeal and is having great success.

“With Real Appeal, you get good, helpful information about eating, exercise and strengthening your muscles,” says Harwell. “I’ve learned a lot about checking food labels, the importance of getting enough sleep and finding out about healthier food choices.”

“I really like my online counselor, Anita. We meet every Tuesday. She motivates and always encourages me. I get a lot of support, especially when I’m down or stressed out.”

“I thank my Lord Jesus Christ for leading me to both of these weight loss programs. They have been a big blessing for me. My goal is to lose another 30 pounds!”