Check out the ERS Facebook page–and be part of our online community

Check out the ERS Facebook page–and be part of our online community

December 4, 2019
ERS registered logoThe ERS Facebook page is a great place for you to connect and be part of ERS’ online community. You can find ERS news, updates and events. You can also find updates from the third-party administrators of ERS’ benefits plans. If you want to be part of the online conversation, we welcome you to post comments on our Facebook page–and even share a little humor, such as the occasional fun memes posted on our page earlier this fall.

Reminder: Protect your information

While we encourage you to share your comments on general ERS-related topics, remember that the ERS Facebook page is a public webpage. This means that anybody can see your comments or questions–not just ERS. Our Facebook page is not a place for you to share information you don’t want out in the general public. This includes:
  • your mailing and email addresses,
  • your phone number,
  • sensitive financial information,
  • Social Security numbers (SSNs) and
  • your and your dependents’ personal health information (PHI).
Please note: If you post a comment with any of this information, we will delete your comment. We will not just edit comments to remove the sensitive information–we will delete the entire comment.

Instead of posting questions in the comments, some members reach out to us through Messenger, Facebook’s instant messaging app.
cellphone screen faceup in palmPlease remember that while information sent to us through Facebook's Messenger app isn’t public, it’s also not very secure. With that in mind, please don’t send SSNs, financial account numbers or other sensitive data through Messenger.

ERS Facebook posting guidelines

Before you post anything to our Facebook page, take a quick look at our Facebook page posting guidelines. These procedures help us keep the ERS Facebook page free from ads, uncivil language, personal attack, or political posts that aren’t relevant to ERS programs. And they help protect our members’ personal information.

Thank you for being part of the conversation. Together, we can keep the ERS Facebook page a valuable resource for our online community.