Keeping a healthy lifestyle while working from home

Keeping a healthy lifestyle while working from home

April 1, 2020

If you recently became a “work-from-home” employee, you may be getting less exercise, reaching for unhealthy snacks and feeling a little extra stress. So how can you get used to this new work life and still live a healthy lifestyle?

Get creative with your workouts

sneaker and hand weightsWhen you work from home, you may find yourself sitting a lot more. Instead of walking from your car to the office building, you’re likely walking to the kitchen table or home office. But even if you can’t go to the gym, you can get still some physical activity:

  • Take short breaks from work to do these quick stretches.
  • During virtual meetings, stand up and walk around the room or lift small hand weights. Don’t have weights? Use household items like canned goods or gallon jugs.
  • Download a fitness or yoga app. Search the app store on your phone for free apps available to you.
  • Take a walk through your neighborhood during your lunch break before or after work.

When working from home, it can be harder to stick to regular working hours. But, it’s important not to let your work hours spill over into your personal and family time, if you can help it. When your work day is done:

  • Play soccer with your kids.
  • Work in your garden.
  • Take the dog for a walk.
  • Put on some lively music and dance like nobody’s watching. (They’re not!)

Plan ahead for healthy meals

To make sure your family is getting healthy meals, use your regular morning commute time for meal prep. Chop some veggies and fruit for lunches and snacks. Go ahead and prep for dinner, too. Make it super easy on yourself and put dinner in the crockpot or instant pot. Need some inspiration? Check out these healthy recipes

And make sure to stay hydrated! If you don’t care for plain water, try making your own fruit-infused water for a little flavor.

Don't forget your mental health

mental health word puzzleSpending too much time at home can also bring extra stress. If you live alone, you might feel isolated. On the other hand, if you find yourself stuck indoors with family members all day, you might be overwhelmed. Look for ways to reduce your stress and connect with (or disconnect from) loved ones:

  • Start a journal.
  • Meditate.
  • Take a bubble bath.
  • Write letters to family and friends.
  • Don’t forget others who might be particularly lonely right now. Give Grandma a call, or better yet, video chat with her.
  • Teach your kids to bake cupcakes.
  • Make a blanket fort and camp out in the living room with your kids.
  • Make a bucket list.
mom and sonWhen working from home, it’s important to maintain a healthy work and downtime pattern. When you have the opportunity to work from home, stop and refocus on the things that really matter. Spend quality time with your family and use the time to unwind and accomplish some things you just haven’t had time for in the past.

Resources to help

HealthSelectSM plans

HealthSelect participants have access to a variety of online wellness resources through Well onTarget®. It includes personalized tools to support mental and physical health and wellness. Self-management programs include nutrition, fitness, losing weight, quitting smoking and managing stress.

Well onTarget resources that support mental health include these videos:

  • Stress and Coping: Mindfulness Can Help
  • Positive Thinking
  • 5 Ways to Help Your Child Build Resilience
  • Sleep Barriers: Getting Past Barriers to Powering Down

To access Well onTarget, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click Log In in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Log in if you have an account, or click Register Now and use your medical ID card to create an account.
  3. Once you’re logged in to Blue Access for MembersSM, click Well onTarget under the Quick Links.
  4. To find the self-management programs, mental health videos and other resources, click on the three stacked lines next to Well onTarget in the upper left-hand corner. Then choose topics that interest you.

Scott and White Health Plan

Scott and White Health Plan (SWHP) offers a variety of digital resources to help you with healthy choices. Log in to your SWHP member portal on the SWHP website to get started.

Assess your well-being. The Well-Being Assessment is a simple, digital health survey that helps you take steps toward a more vibrant and healthier life. The Well-Being Assessment asks questions about your life and delivers customized action steps from our Lifestyle Management Program. Modules are self-paced, available online, and convenient for promoting physical and mental health–all things to help you feel your best. You’ll find a link to the assessment on SWHP’s Wellness/Value Added Services webpage.

Feeling stressed? Worried about your diet? This might be a great time to start a 6-week digital health coaching module, complete with action plans, important articles, online seminars and video content on topics that include:

  • Less Stress
  • Healthier Diet
  • Healthy Weight
  • Live Tobacco Free
  • Active Living

Monitor your health. The digital platform has a dashboard to help you keep track of important health information like weight/BMI, cholesterol, blood pressure and physical activity.

Visit the Digital Health Library.  You’ll find articles, videos, recipes and other content to support a healthier life. You can search for condition-specific information or explore highlighted topics.

Connect online. Join online community forums where you can give and receive support for goals as well as get feedback from health coaches in the community.

Sync your fitness tracker. Synchronize your personal fitness tracker with the wellness platform to monitor your physical activity progress on the dashboard.

Challenge yourself.  Sometimes you need extra motivation to go the extra mile. You can participate in step challenges, hydration and even relaxation challenges.

To participate in any of the Lifestyle Management programs, visit the SWHP website and log in. You will be redirected to the Wellness platform where you can click on the Coaching link.

Community First Health Plans

Check out Community First Health Plans’ Get Healthy Online Member Wellness Portal. Community First also provides several wellness programs to help participants and their family stay healthy, but some might be unavailable while stay-at-home orders are in effect. Visit the CFHP website for more information.

Community First partners with the YMCA to provide participants with additional wellness classes that provide nutrition, fitness, and other information to help them achieve their wellness goals. These classes are Y Living, Healthy Weight & Your Child, Health Matters, and Livestrong. To learn what’s available at this time, call Community First’s Member Services department and ask to speak with a Health Educator for a referral.