Starting in September, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas will manage HealthSelect mental health be

Starting in September, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas will manage HealthSelect mental health benefits

July 1, 2020

Use Provider Finder to see if your provider will be in the new, larger network or to find a new provider

On September 1, 2020, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) will manage mental health benefits for HealthSelectSM participants, replacing Magellan Healthcare®. With this transition, you will have access to around 10,000 additional mental health providers. Also, more than 91% of current Magellan providers have signed up to participate in the new HealthSelect network—and more are expected to join by September 1. (Please read these Frequently Asked Questions for details about this transition.)

To make it easier for you to see if your provider will be in the HealthSelect network after the transition—or to find a new, in-network mental health care provider-- Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas (BCBSTX) has expanded the Provider Finder search results. Provider Finder now includes effective dates for new mental health providers and cancellation dates for those providers not currently contracted to be in the HealthSelect network as of September 1, 2020.

Follow this step-by-step process to find a mental health care provider in the HealthSelect network:

Step 1. Log in to Blue Access for MembersSM on the HealthSelect website, then select the “Doctors & Hospitals” tab and click on “Find a Doctor or Hospital.” This will launch Provider Finder.

If you do not have a Blue Access for Members account, select “Register Now” from the “Log In” drop-down box in the upper right-hand part of the screen on the HealthSelect website and follow the registration instructions. You will need information from your HealthSelect medical ID card to create an account. 

screen shot of BlueAccess for Members login screen

Blue Access for Members Doctors & Hospitals tab
Step 2.
In Provider Finder, you can either click on the “Browse by Category” dropdown box and select “Mental Health Care,” or you can type in a specific name or specialty in the search box. If you select the dropdown option and click on “Mental Health Care,” you will then be able to choose a type of mental health care provider from a list. You will see options for psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, behavioral health groups, psychiatric hospitals and marriage and family counselors. 

Blue Access for Members Browse by Category search box
Blue Access for Members Mental Health Care drop-down
Once you’ve clicked on the option or entered your search preferences, you’ll see your results. You can compare up to four providers side-by-side, making it easier for you to choose the provider that best meets your needs. Provider Finder will show your distance to the provider, whether they are accepting new patients, their specialty, ratings and reviews. Provider Finder will also show you if a provider will be leaving the network on August 31, 2020 (see the “Essential Note” in the screen image below).

Blue Access for Members essential note example
Step 3. Once you’ve chosen a provider, use the contact information listed for the provider to schedule your first appointment. You can also contact a BCBSTX Personal Health Assistant for help with scheduling that appointment.


Continuing care

If you or your covered dependent(s) get care from a mental health provider who will remain in-network, you don’t need to do anything. However, if your provider is not in the HealthSelect network after September 1, you may be able to get your out-of-network care covered at the higher in-network level for a limited time while you search for another provider or complete a treatment plan.

You can also recommend that your provider or providers be added to the network by filling out this provider nomination form.

When nominating a provider, please keep in mind:
  • your recommendation does not guarantee that the provider will be accepted into the network,
  • it may take up to 90 days for the provider to be accepted into the network,
  • providers must meet all established credentialing requirements and
  • providers must agree to all contract provisions, policies and procedures.

Mental health providers will continue to be added to the HealthSelect network, so check Provider Finder often. 

Questions? Please contact a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas Personal Health Assistant toll-free at (800) 252-8039 Monday–Friday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Saturday, 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. CT.