ERS adopts rules at its August Board meeting

ERS adopts rules at its August Board meeting

October 7, 2020

The August 5 newsletter noted the ERS Board of Trustees would consider proposed amendments and proposed new rules at its August 19 meeting.

At the meeting, the Board adopted the following amendments and new rules:

  • Chapter 75: § 75.1 and § 75.2 were amended to allow for minor changes in the administration of Chapter 615 benefits. New § 75.3 was added to comply with requirements of amended Texas Government Code § 615.022, which requires ERS to adjust the lump sum benefit payable to eligible survivors by an amount that is equal to the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers for the previous calendar year.
  • Chapter 81: § 81.1 and § 81.7 were amended to provide additional notice to Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP) health benefit plan participants of recent changes to the tobacco policy to include electronic cigarettes and vaping products. New § 81.12 was added to establish the HealthSelectShoppERSSM program in accordance with Rider 16 of the Employees Retirement System of Texas bill pattern in Article I of the General Appropriations Act (House Bill 1) of the 86th Legislature.
  • Chapter 85: §§ 85.1, 85.4, 85.9, 85.13, and 85.17 were amended and new rule § 85.8 was added to specify the requirements of the HealthSelectShoppERS program as it applies to TexFlexSM. Additionally, § 85.3 and § 85.7 were amended to reflect administrative changes to ERS’ policies for health care reimbursement plans.

Rules, statutes and other regulations relating to ERS are posted on our Statutes and Rules webpage. Proposed amendments to ERS rules are published throughout the year in the Texas Register.