HealthSelect - Prescription Drug Program

Prescription drug costs vary. View general cost information on the prescription drug copay chart. To check the cost of a specific medication, contact OptumRx. Use the Drug Pricing Tool from the OptumRx website for a drug pricing calculator. All quotes are estimates and drug cost may not reflect actual annual cost* or cost at the pharmacy. Cost can vary based on any of the following:
  • Maintenance vs. non-maintenance
  • Preferred vs. Non-Preferred
  • Days' supply
  • Quantity
  • Dosage/Strength
  • Manufacture pricing/classification changes
  • Date drug is dispensed
*Calculate Annual Cost estimate by subtracting $50 from the amount shown in the Your Cost Total column, multiply the cost by the appropriate number of refills you are allowed per year, and add your $50 deductible.

There is a $50 per person per calendar year deductible beginning on January 1. Until the $50 deductible is met for each person, your out of pocket costs for prescriptions filled after January 1 will increase.

You can fill prescriptions at any retail pharmacies in the OptumRx network or the OptumRx Home Delivery Pharmacy. Find a participating pharmacy near you on the OptumRx website. Using a retail pharmacy in the OptumRx network allows you to receive the highest level of benefits.

If you use a pharmacy outside the OptumRx network, you will need to pay the total retail price for your prescription and then submit a Paper Claim Reimbursement Form (found on the OptumRx website) along with an original prescription receipt to OptumRx for reimbursement of covered expenses.

Yes. OptumRx has a mail service pharmacy. You can get a 90-day supply of maintenance medications through mail service without having to pay a retail maintenance fee.

Yes. You can pay for your prescription medications through mail service or at your local retail pharmacy with your TexFlex debit card. You cannot use the card to pay for a balance due on the OptumRx website.

If you use your TexFlex debit card to pay for your prescriptions, in most instances you will not be asked for a copy of your receipt.