Don't lose sight of your Plan Year 2021 vision benefits

April 07, 2021

Female opthamologist holding up eyeglasses framesGood eye health is about more than clear vision: An eye exam can detect signs of medical problems such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. State of Texas Vision participants can get a comprehensive eye exam every plan year for a $15 copay. 

Benefits also include a $200 allowance per plan year for contact lenses or eyeglass frames (eyeglass lenses from network providers are covered after a copay). Don’t need new glasses? Consider using your frame allowance to buy prescription sunglasses from a network provider. 

Convenient online options

Online retailers in the State of Texas Vision provider network offer a convenient option for purchasing glasses or contacts and applying your vision benefits to your order. Learn about using your vision benefits online.


Visit the State of Texas Vision website for detailed benefits information, a provider search tool or to log in to your State of Texas Vision account. You can also call Superior Vision Customer Service at (877) 396-4128 with questions about your benefits.