Proposed changes to ERS rules to be presented at August 24 Board meeting

August 03, 2022

board iconThe proposed amendments below, all related to the upcoming Group 4 retirement benefit, will be presented at the August 24 ERS Board of Trustees meeting.

  • Chapter 71 (Creditable Service): §§ 71.2, 71.5, 71.14, 71.17, 71.19, 71.29 and 71.31 to clarify how the new cash balance benefit will interact with the existing rules regarding creditable service.
  • Chapter 73 (Benefits): §§ 73.2, 73.11, 73.21 and 73.49 to clarify eligibility and actuarial calculations for ERS’ four retirement groups and other regulations.
  • Chapter 75 (Hazardous Profession Death Benefits): § 75.2 to clarify annuities awarded under Chapter 615 to a surviving spouses of Group 4 members.
  • Chapter 76 (Cash Balance Benefit): New chapter to describe and clarify the administration of the cash balance benefit established by Texas Government Code Chapter 820.

Watch the Board meeting online

As with all ERS Board meetings, you can watch the meeting via live streaming. Starting a few days before the August 24 meeting, you can check the ERS events page for a link.

Rules, statutes and other regulations relating to ERS are posted on our Statutes and Rules webpage. Proposed and adopted changes to ERS rules are published throughout the year in the Texas Register