TexFlexSM Health Care and Limited-purpose FSA

The  health care flexible spending account (FSA) lets you pay for eligible health care expenses tax-free. The limited-purpose FSA is for Consumer Directed HealthSelectSM participants only and lets you pay for eligible dental and vision expenses tax-free.

Your TexFlex health care or limited-purpose FSA will be closed on your last day of employment and you can only submit claims for expenses you incurred before you ended employment. Any eligible health expenses you incur after retirement are not reimbursed unless you choose to continue participation through COBRA.

Regardless of whether you continue participation through COBRA, your TexFlex debit card will be deactivated on the last day of month in which your employment ends. You can file claims by fax, mail or online for reimbursement.

Returning to work

If you return-to-work at a GBP employer within the same plan year that you retire and elect to enroll in active employee benefits and a TexFlex FSA, be sure to tell your employer that you were previously enrolled in an FSA.