Summer Enrollment

Summer Enrollment 2020

for Active Employees and Retirees Not  Eligible for Medicare

This page will be updated with Summer Enrollment information as it becomes available.

If you are an active employee or retiree not eligible for Medicare, you will have an opportunity to enroll in benefits or change your current coverage elections during the two-week phase assigned to you as a retiree, or to your agency or institution. Find out which Summer Enrollment phase you are in. Any Summer Enrollment changes you make to your or your dependent’s coverage that do not require evidence of insurability (EOI) will begin on September 1, 2020.

Summer Enrollment Changes

Summer Enrollment is your only chance to make benefits changes, unless you have a qualifying life event. If you don't want to make changes to your benefits, you do not need to do anything during Summer Enrollment and your current coverage will continue.

Retirees eligible for Medicare will have the opportunity to make benefit changes during Fall Enrollment.

Summer Enrollment Webinars

To ensure the health and safety of state employees and retirees during the COVID-19 pandemic, ERS and Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP) plan administrators are hosting several hour-long ERS Summer Enrollment webinars and Benefits Question & Answer sessions instead of our traditional fairs. The ERS Summer Enrollment webinar will provide a general overview of all changes and options. Individual Benefits Q&A sessions will be led by plan administrators and feature a brief overview of the applicable plan followed by time for questions. (Plan representatives can address general questions; if you have a specific question about your account or a claim, please contact the plan’s customer service number.)

Participate in as many webinars as you wish from the convenience of your home, or anywhere you have internet access. 

Enroll in a Summer Enrollment 2020 Webinar 

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