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Budgeting Basics

In this webinar you will learn strategies for build a budget, pay off debt, and decrease expenditures. This webinar was led by Andrea Johnson and Christine Graham of the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner. This Budget Worksheet can help you set goals and develop your plan!

Never before has physical activity been so important in our lives

In this webinar, Tim Church, M.D. M.P.H., Ph.D., one of the world’s leading experts in exercise physiology, obesity research, and healthy aging research discusses the many benefits of physical activity, how much we need, and ways to make it happen! 

Fit to Lead with David Yebra

In this webinar the Director of the Training and Leader Development Division from TDCJ shares the ways fitness contributes to effective leadership. In this webinar, he will also give strategies for current and future leaders to stay more active and prioritize their own fitness, so they can take care of their employees. For resources and recommended reading materials from the webinar download the Fit to Lead Handout.  

Walk on the Wild Side: the Health Benefits of the Outdoors

The great outdoors are great for your health! Learn why and how to spend more time in nature!

Intro to Mindfulness - the what, why and how

In this 50-minute, interactive, web-based workshop, you will explore the science and practical application of mindfulness. Download the Intro to Mindfulness handout.

10 Ways to maintain your health (and spirit!) while working from home

In this webinar recording, we will discuss the biggest challenges for teleworkers and share some specific strategies to address them. Download the 10 Ways to Maintain Your Health handout

Fit Happens!

View Todd Whitthorne’s presentation “Fit Happens! Simple Steps for a Healthier, More Productive Life!”