Employment changes for you and your spouse allow you to make changes to your Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP) coverage.

Note: If you are retiring, please see information on insurance benefits in retirement.

Your job changes

  • If you're an active employee and change jobs between state agencies, you can make changes to your insurance within 31 days of the event.
  • This also applies if your job changes in status from full- to part-time employment, or vice versa.

You take a leave of absence

While on leave of absence/leave without pay, you must pay for your health premiums directly to ERS by the due date each month to continue your benefits.

You leave state employment

If you end your employment, you may be eligible to continue your coverage through COBRA. If your health coverage benefits are reduced or cancelled for non-payment of premiums, your coverage may be reinstated on the date you return to work.

When you leave employment, you may be paid for your unused annual leave, if allowed by your employer. The lump sum you receive is considered taxable income. If you are enrolled in a Texa$averSM 401(K) or 457 account, you can avoid taxes on the payment if you defer your annual leave lump sum payment into your Texa$aver account when you end state employment. Contact your HR department before your last day of employment to make these arrangements.

Most agencies submit leave information to ERS monthly. If your agency does not, your employer will need to complete the Certification of Leave Balances. Contact your HR department for details.

Your spouse loses job and insurance

  • This allows you to make changes to your insurance within 31 days of the event.
  • You can add your spouse to your GBP insurance.