TIPP Payments

If you’re a participant in the Texas Income Protection PlanSM (TIPP), you can rely on your disability benefits to help pay the bills when you can’t work due to disability. One way to make the most of your TIPP benefits is to understand how the disability payment process works. Here’s what you need to know:
  • Qualifying for disability payments. Before you can get disability payments, you must:
    1. file a claim; 
    2. complete the waiting period (minimum waiting period is 30 consecutive days for short-term disability and 180 consecutive days for long-term disability*); and
    3. have your claim approved by ReedGroup.
  • Your first disability payment. If you file a disability claim ASAP and your claim is approved, you should receive your first disability payment on the first business day of the month following completion of the waiting period. Disability payments are only issued once per month, so your claim will be paid in the pay cycle following the completion of your waiting period and the approval of your claim. Because many factors affect the approval and processing of a disability claim, please instruct participant’s to call TIPP Customer Care to determine when their first payment will be received.
    Note: Payments are issued by check and mailed to your home unless you request direct deposit.
  • Ongoing payments. Disability payments are issued on the first business day of each month. Each payment is for the prior month. This means a payment received in April is for your March benefits.

You must use all your sick leave (including extended sick leave and sick leave pool) at the same time you are completing the waiting period (30 days or 180 days). If you have more days of sick leave than the applicable waiting period, benefits are not payable until all of your sick leave is used. You are not required to use your vacation or other annual leave. See page 4 (short-term disability) or page 7 (long-term disability) in the User's Guide for more information.