TexFlex Limited Flexible Spending Account

A TexFlex limited FSA is an account that lets you set aside money on a pre-tax basis – for both you and your eligible dependents – the same way a health care flexible spending account (health care FSA) does, except it is limited to dental and vision expenses so that it complies with IRS requirements. 

Only employees enrolled in Consumer Directed HealthSelectSM are eligible to enroll in a limited FSA (retirees are not eligible). 

If you enroll in Consumer Directed HealthSelect, you don’t have to enroll in a limited FSA. However, if you have a TexFlex health care FSA balance of $25 to $500, after August 31 a limited FSA will be opened for you and your balance will be carried over because IRS rules don’t allow you to participate in both a health care FSA and an HSA. Any amount less than $25  or over $500 will be forfeited (participants have until December 31 to file claims for Plan Year expenses before funds are forfeited).

If you have less than $25 in your TexFlex health care FSA and enroll in a limited FSA, the balance would be carryover.

Because a limited FSA is a pre-tax benefit, the IRS limits the amount you can contribute to your account. The limits are determined each year by the IRS. The annual minimum contribution amount is $180 and the annual maximum contribution amount is $2,650.

During Summer Enrollment, contact your benefits coordinator, ERS, or log in to your ERS account and elect the annual contribution amount you would like deducted from your paycheck monthly. Your annual contribution will be deducted before taxes and in equal amounts throughout the year.  Your full annual pledge will be available on September 1.

Remember, you must first enroll in Consumer Directed HealthSelect to enroll in a limited FSA.

You can carry over up to $500 of your TexFlex limited FSA funds to the next plan year. 

You can only purchase eligible out-of-pocket dental and vision expenses. General health care expenses that are eligible under a health care FSA are NOT eligible under a limited FSA.

Visit the TexFlex website to see the TexFlex Limited Flexible Spending Account Eligible Expense Guide under “Program Resources.”

A limited FSA lets you set money aside for eligible dental and vision expenses before taxes are taken out of your paycheck, which lowers your taxable income. 

When you enroll in a limited FSA, you will automatically receive a free TexFlex debit card. The TexFlex debit card gives you immediate access to your entire annual contribution amount. Just swipe the card when it’s time to pay for your eligible dental and vision expenses. Keep all receipts in case you’re asked to provide verification at a later time.
Note: If you currently participate in the TexFlex health care FSA or the TexFlex commuter spending account and  already have a TexFlex debit card, you won’t receive another debit care, you’ll use the same one. 

If you pay out of pocket, you can file a claim online, by mail or fax. Claims are generally processed in 3 – 5 business days. Once your claim is approved, WageWorks reimburses you from your limited FSA by sending a check or through direct deposit.

When you terminate employment you can only submit claims for eligible dental and vision expenses incurred through your termination date.  

You can choose to continue participation in your limited FSA through COBRA and could file claims for eligible expenses incurred throughout your participation. 

Your TexFlex debit card, is deactivated on the last day of the month in which your employment ends

Visit the TexFlex website for more information about the limited FSA or call TexFlex ADP Customer Care toll-free at (844) 884-2364, (TTY: 711). Representatives are available 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. CT, Monday – Friday.