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Being in good health is important to everyone. A healthy lifestyle can improve your quality of life and increase your longevity. The Texas Employees Group Benefits Program offers a full menu of proven programs to help you on the road to wellne

Discover the many wellness options available to you and your eligible family members!

Learn how your health plan can help you enjoy your retirement with the many wellness options available to you.

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Support your agency with data, tools, resources, and turn-key wellness programs here. 

Wellness News

  • As little as 20 minutes a day spent outdoors helps reduce stress.

  • During May we will be providing opportunities to connect and explore topics related to mental health so we can all help to improve our workplace cultures across the state.

  • When you feel overwhelmed with challenges in your life, your body responds with an increase in your heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure. Provided are resources to help you navigate the complex challenges YOU may face each day.

  • If you’ve got fitness tips to share or have fitness-related questions, nothing beats connecting with coworkers and a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas wellness expert in a live webinar. 

  • The one thing we can do today
    February 07, 2022

    The one thing that is the most important to support our health may be our annual preventive exam.