HSMA transition to UHC

UnitedHealthcare will be the insurer for HealthSelectSM Medicare Advantage starting January 2021

On May 20, 2020, the ERS Board of Trustees awarded the contract for the HealthSelectSM Medicare Advantage Plan preferred provider organization (MA PPO) plan to UnitedHealthcare Inc. (Sierra Health). UnitedHealthcare will take over from Humana as the plan’s insurer on January 1, 2021.

What the change means for participants

Coverage will remain the same. Those who pay monthly premiums will pay less starting in January. This will not be UnitedHealthcare’s standard Medicare Advantage coverage. ERS will continue to decide what benefits are included in the plan. Costs not covered by Medicare will be covered in ERS’ wraparound coverage.

Through December 31, you should continue to use your current health plan ID card and call Humana if you need help. In the coming months and during Fall Enrollment, ERS, UnitedHealthcare and Humana will share details about the change and any steps you need to take.

Health care providers

As long as your doctors and other providers continue to accept Medicare, you can keep seeing your current health care provider after UnitedHealthcare becomes the HealthSelect MA PPO insurer. 

If you want, you can enroll in your previous non-Medicare GBP health plan at any time during the year. However, if you like the plan, we encourage you to stay in the HealthSelect Medicare Advantage PPO. A non-Medicare Advantage plan may cost you more in premiums and out-of-pocket costs.  

Why ERS is making the change

ERS is required to rebid the administration of its benefit programs on a regular basis to ensure we are providing competitive benefits at a reasonable cost. UnitedHealthcare’s proposal included costs that were considerably lower than the other bidders. The new contract will save the plan millions of dollars over its six-year term, which also saves money in premium costs. 

More information

ERS will provide much more information in the coming months. Please check this page often in the coming months for updates. For more information about the transition, please see the frequently asked questions.

Through December 31, 2020, you can continue to use your health plan as you have been, and call Humana with questions about coverage and claims. Please don’t forget to pay close attention to any communications you might get from ERS, Humana and UnitedHealthcare.