Report Fraud

Do you suspect fraud, waste or abuse?

This means incorrect or incomplete information provided to ERS, its insurers or administering firms for the purpose of obtaining any insurance coverage or benefits provided by the Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP), retirement benefits or that would otherwise harm ERS or the trust funds it administers.

  • Individuals are encouraged to report in good faith any suspected fraud, waste, or abuse in connection with programs administered by ERS.
  • All electronic reports are directed to the ERS Internal Auditor.
  • All reports will be investigated. Please provide as much detail as possible.
  • Knowingly making false accusations is irresponsible and defamatory and the person making such a bad faith allegation could be subjected to legal liability.
  • Any allegation of fraud, waste, or abuse within the GBP that is reported to ERS may be shared with the appropriate insurance carrier, administering firm or law enforcement authorities for investigation and appropriate action.

To report fraud, waste or abuse occurring at a Texas state agency, college or university, call the SAO Hotline (800) TX-AUDIT (892-8348). More information is available on the State Auditor's web site for fraud reporting.

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