Withdrawn (Refunded) Service Credit for Former Employees

When you leave state employment and take a withdrawal of your ERS retirement account money, you no longer have the time you worked as service credit. It becomes “withdrawn service credit.”

You may buy back the withdrawn ERS service after a waiting period and at least six months have passed since the date of your withdrawal. You can buy withdrawn ERS service credit if you are:

Service can be purchased in one-month increments. The cost of this service credit includes the original withdrawn amount plus 10% interest for each fiscal year from the date of your withdrawal up to and including the fiscal year in which your purchase is completed. Interest is added each September 1.

The price may seem overwhelming, but it’s important to remember that you’re reestablishing your service and investing in your future. After they retire, most people earn back the money they paid to buy the service, in less than five years

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Note to Optional Retirement Program (ORP) participants: If you work at a college or university and you participate in the ORP, you cannot buy withdrawn ERS service unless you return to work at a state agency in the ERS retirement program.