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Fall Enrollment 2023

For retirees eligible for Medicare

Fall Enrollment is the time you can make benefit changes for your and your eligible dependents’ insurance coverage, including health, dental, vision and life insurance. Changes are effective Jan. 1, 2024.

Fall Enrollment for Medicare-eligible retirees is Oct. 30 – Nov. 17.

Remember: A covered dependent is in the same enrollment period as the retiree or survivor who covers him or her. Annual enrollment for retirees and survivors who are not eligible for Medicare ended in July. However, anyone can make changes to their benefits within 31 days of a qualifying life event (QLE).

Retirees and dependents enrolled in Medicare can change from the HealthSelectSM Medicare Advantage Plan preferred provider organization (MA PPO) to HealthSelectSM Secondary, or vice versa, any time during the plan year.

Retirees can drop coverage in any plan at any time without a QLE.

No changes? No action needed.

If you wish to keep your same coverage, you do not need to do anything during Fall Enrollment. Your current coverage will continue through Plan Year 2024. Even if you plan to keep your current coverage, you should review the Fall Enrollment guide to better understand your coverage.

Fall Enrollment events

In addition to in-person Fall Enrollment fairs, ERS will offer online Q&A webinars about Plan Year 2024 benefits. View the schedule, when available, in the Fall Enrollment guide and on the ERS Events webpage.

Insurance Eligibility

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