HealthSelect Secondary Wellness Benefits

Participants in this plans have a range of wellness services to choose from. Whatever your wellness goals are, we have solutions to help you reach them!

Physical Activity Solutions

Make it simple to go to the gym by joining the Fitness Program. Get access to more than 9,000 fitness centers nationwide with no contract required.

Healthy Lifestyle Solutions

Well onTarget is a suite of integrated wellness offerings designed to help you reach your health goals. It includes personalized tools and resources including self-management programs, wellness coaching, health and wellness tools and trackers, and the Blue Points rewards program. You can also take your online health assessment (sometimes known as a health risk assessment).

Tobacco Cessation Program

State of Texas law states that all participants enrolled in the Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP) must certify tobacco use status. If you or a covered family member use tobacco products, you are required to report it to ERS and will pay a monthly $30 tobacco surcharge per user (up to $90 maximum per family). Failing to do so could result in losing your GBP health insurance coverage. Users can avoid these surcharges by taking steps to break the habit and becoming tobacco free.

NOTE: The third-party administrators or carriers may discontinue or change their value-added programs at any time without notice.