Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Adopting, becoming a foster parent, or child birth are qualifying life events in terms of your benefits. You may add a newly acquired dependent or a newly eligible dependent within 31 days of the date the dependent became eligible for coverage. Child must be under age 26 for health insurance.

  • Natural Child (Biological child)
  • Adopted Child 
  • Stepchild 
  • Child of Managing Conservator
  • Foster Child 
  • Legal Ward 
  • Other child 
  • Qualified Medical Support Order

Documentation will need to be provided to confirm eligibility.

Dependent Child Certification

You must be able to certify this child:

  • is related by blood or marriage, and
  • can be claimed on your federal income tax return.

Good Cause

In some cases, a child may be covered due to good cause. Good cause means due to unexpected circumstances you are required to take parental responsibility for the child this year. You may not certify the child for good cause unless you will legally claim the child as your dependent for federal income tax purposes in this current year. 

Coverage for eligible dependents

Within 31 days of the event, consider the following for your children:

  • Medical, dental and vision benefit - Add your child when first eligible in health (HealthSelect or HMO) and/or dental insurance. 
  • Life insurance - Consider changes to Optional Group Term Life Insurance and/or adding Dependent Term Life Insurance.

Keep in-area benefits for your dependents

Your covered dependents under age 65 may continue in-area benefits when you turn 65. Dependents with in-area benefits will have their own ID number and claims must be filed separately. Contact HealthSelect to make this change.