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Your Benefits, Your Story: Cassandra Johnson

May 2, 2018

Ask Cassandra Johnson what “HMO” means and she may likely tell you the letters stand for the “hassle-free medical option.

Your Benefits, Your Story: Vanessa Alba

March 7, 2018

Vanessa Alba has had many victories since she had a stroke five years ago. Her fierce determination, along with a health care plan that offer great support, have led to restored health and independence.

Your Benefits, Your Story: Jennifer Gaskill

January 10, 2018

At the early stages of breast cancer, sometimes the tumors are so small, they cannot be felt—no matter how thorough the self-examination. That’s what Jennifer Gaskill found. Her annual mammogram proved to be a lifesaver.

Charlie Keen: A Place in the Sun

August 10, 2017

Most evenings, ERS retiree Charlie Keen enjoys some of the most beautiful sunsets in Texas from the deck of his home overlooking Lake Travis.

Jennica Preston, Benefits Coordinator

August 10, 2017

Eligible HealthSelect participants can join Real Appeal, an online program to improve health and wellness.

Support and Success with Real Appeal

August 10, 2017

Meet Virginia L. Harwell, the founder of Real Appeal

Thomas Barker-White, Statewide Intake Supervisor

May 31, 2017

For 20 years, Thomas Barker-White has worked for the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS), currently as a statewide intake supervisor overseeing a staff of nine.

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