Coming soon: Two-factor authentication for ERS OnLine

May 01, 2024
person using mobile phone two factor authentication

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In late May 2024, ERS members will have the option to enroll in two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security method that requires the user to provide additional verification to gain access to ERS OnLine.

How does it work?

In addition to a username and password to gain access to ERS OnLine, 2FA requires an email address or mobile phone number to verify your identity by sending a code. This extra step helps protect all members’ information from cyberattacks.

You might already use 2FA or multi-factor authentication for other websites and apps you use at work or in your personal life. ERS OnLine’s new process is similar to some of those authentication methods.

Enrolling in 2FA is easy and quick:

  1. Click “My Account Login” located at the top-right of the ERS webpage.
  2. Click “Proceed to login.”
  3. Click the “Two Factor Authentication (2FA)” link from the homepage.
  4. Verify your contact information is correct and edit if necessary from the 2FA page.
  5. Click the “Enroll” button.

Active employees can opt in or out of 2FA at any time through ERS OnLine.

Once enrolled in two-factor authentication, you will follow these steps every time you want to get into your ERS OnLine account.

  1. Log in to ERS OnLine with your username and password.
  2. Request a code be sent to your email address or cell phone number at the prompt.
  3. Check your chosen delivery option:
    • email inbox for a message from "” or
    • phone’s SMS messaging app for a message from (855) 542-1424.
  4. Enter the six-digit code from the message.
  5. Click “Submit.”
    • Note: You must complete Steps 3-5 within 10 minutes of requesting the code. The code will expire after 10 minutes, and you will have to repeat the steps to get a new code.
  6. Proceed with your activity in the system once you see the ERS OnLine homepage.

Voluntary protection

There is no penalty for not enrolling in two-factor authentication. However, we highly recommend 2FA because the additional verification provides additional security and decreases the possibility of your account being hacked.


If you have questions regarding 2FA or need help updating the contact information for your ERS account, please call (877) 275-4377.