Summer Enrollment fairs with ERS staff have all you need to make the most of your annual enrollment period

June 05, 2024

Have you met the Employees Retirement System of Texas benefits educators yet? They are the knowlegable Brené (bottom) and Jennifer (top), and they love to talk benefits. Summer Enrollment fairs are a great time to visit with them and others in person, to learn about your valuable benefits and how to make the most of them.

Fairs are a one-stop shop to learn about any new changes and to meet and ask questions of program administrators in person.

Here are three ways you can maximize your visit:

Headshot of ERS Benefits Educator Jennifer Thompson

Meet with ERS and plan administrators

At most fairs you can meet not only Brené or Jennifer, but also an ERS benefits counselor who can help you change your benefit elections on the spot.

There also will be representatives from all the plans you can enroll in or make changes to during Summer Enrollment.

While Jennifer and Brené can’t get into your ERS OnLine account to make changes to your benefits during Summer Enrollment, ERS benefits counselors will be at the fairs to do this. ERS benefits counselors also can confirm your current coverage, your beneficiaries and other important information.

Headshot of Brene Washington

Learn from others

The group atmosphere during a fair can help you learn from others’ questions and experiences.

Follow up with webinars and other resources

Brené and Jennifer record videos for ERS’s YouTube channel, present webinars, and speak to small and large groups about their insurance or retirement. Refresh your benefits knowledge when it’s convenient for you by watching a live or recorded webinar.

View Summer Enrollment materials and fairs schedule and locations on the Summer Enrollment webpage. Even if the nearest Summer Enrollment fair happens after your enrollment phase, we encourage you to attend. It’s a great way to learn all the ways our plans can benefit you!