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Who is eligible for GBP insurance benefits?

Choosing benefits for Active Employees

As a State of Texas employee, you earn valuable benefits.

ERS’ health plans can help you and your family live a more healthy and financially secure life.

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Retirement Contributions
and Planning

You and the state invest throughout your career for a stable lifetime benefit when you retire.

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Optional Add-on Benefits

Optional benefits provide additional security and savings.

Life Changes

You can change many of your benefits as your life changes. Learn more about updating your coverage options after marriage, a new child and other life events.

Rates and Forms

Employee News

The Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS) continues to work with its health plan administrators to closely monitor the impact of COVID-19.
If you recently became a “work-from-home” employee, you may be getting less exercise, reaching for unhealthy snacks and feeling a little extra stress. So how can you get used to this new work life and still live a healthy lifestyle?
HealthSelect Prescription Drug Program participants: find out what your medications will cost before reaching for your wallet.
On May 1, it will cost you less–15% less–to save for your future! And, you’ll have one new investment option to consider in the Texa$aver program lineup.
State of Texas Vision participants: you can now order glasses or contacts online and apply your vision insurance in one convenient step.

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