New administrator for prescription drug programs beginning Jan. 1, 2024

June 05, 2023

ERS welcomes Express Scripts

provider hands writing a prescription on a prescription padIn December, the Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS) Board of Trustees awarded the third-party administrator contract for the HealthSelectSM Prescription Drug Program and HealthSelectSM Medicare Rx to Express Scripts and Express Scripts Medicare (PDP), respectively. New administration will begin on Jan. 1, 2024. The current administrators, OptumRx and UnitedHealthcare, will continue to manage the plans through Dec. 31, 2023. Continue contact OptumRx and UnitedHealthcare for questions regarding your current plan through Dec. 31, 2023.

ERS decides how your pharmacy plan benefits are structured, so the benefits are not changing. It’s important to note that the formularies for the plans—which specific drugs are covered at what costs—could change on Jan. 1. The new formularies are not available yet, but will be in November or December.

Your enrollment in your ERS prescription drug program is based on your health plan. So you do not need to reenroll due to this transition. ERS is working closely with OptumRx, UnitedHealthcare, Express Scripts and Express Scripts Medicare (PDP) to securely transfer your account information.

Stay tuned for more information

Health Select of Texas prescription drug program logo and Health Select of Texas medicare rx logoIn July, retirees not eligible for Medicare will get more information about the new drug plan administrator in their Summer Enrollment packets.

This fall, all retirees will get more information from ERS and Express Scripts or Express Script Medicare (PDP) including details about their large network of pharmacies across the United States, as well as their drug formularies and the Extended Days Supply and mail order options for maintenance medications (prescriptions you take regularly to manage chronic conditions).

In addition, we will conduct webinars in November and December to provide more information and answer your questions about the transition and your plan benefits. ERS will share webinar information and any other updates in the fall edition of this newsletter and the Fall Enrollment packet for Medicare-eligible retirees. We also will provide regular updates on the HealthSelect Medicare Advantage Rx Transition page.