Staying Connected with ERS

Congratulations on your retirement! Even though you are no longer a State of Texas employee, you will want to stay in touch with ERS for news about your benefits, helpful tips and more.

Manage your annuity 

Find everything you need to manage your ERS annuity, from viewing your payments to changing your tax withholding or beneficiary information. View Manage Your Annuity Payments.

Keep up to date

Stay informed with the latest news and information about your ERS benefits in retirement.

Stay well

ERS benefit plans include a variety of programs to keep you healthy and fit. Don’t forget to take advantage of these programs in retirement. See Wellness Resources for Retirees.

Manage your retirement savings

Once you leave employment, you will not contribute directly to your Texa$aver account, but you can keep your money with the program as long as you like. You can also take distributions or roll over all or part of the balance to another qualified plan or an IRA.

Visit the Texa$aver 401(k) / 457 Program for Retirees page for details. If you had an account prior to 1991, view Prior 457 Plans for Retirees.